Premier Realty and Management Co.
4201 E. Yale Ave. #110
Denver, CO 80222

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How To...

We make every effort to protect your personal information.
Whether you submit information on a rental appulcation or make a payment your information is protected. When personal information
is submitted your information is encrypted before it is transferred
You can verify this by looking for "https" on the web page address bar.

The Property Manager

Residential property management for Condos, THs, Houses and Duplexes
throughout the Denver Metro area.

Premier Realty and Management Co. was founded
in 1986 by the current company owners. We are a
family owned business and residential property management is all we do. No property sales or listings.

Our services include the evaluation or your rental
property; property make readies, rental advertising,
tenant selection, rent collection, property repair
and monthly accounting to each property owner.